Once the concept had been established, Patricia had to materialise the idea of telling the story of the building through the design of the artwork. The proposal provides continuity between the architectural and the artistic elements while establishing a complementary relationship between the building and the artwork.

245 Hammersmith Road’s strong presence, massing, solidity, together with the earthy quality of the materials and colours, contribute to making the building highly visually impactful, the artwork therefore, had to create a different kind of atmosphere.

“The intent was to create an artwork using a subtle poetic language, adopting more delicate materials and complementary colours, which would be integrated within the existing spatial aesthetic”, Patricia explains.

The artwork is located near the main entrance and contributes to creating a welcoming space for visitors, at once immediately visible – due to its large scale – yet overtly concealed. The sharp geometrical lines that shape the artwork – architectural both in scale and affinity – as well as the piece’s multidimensional quality, make it noticeable from any point in reception as well as from the external public space.

“I wanted to create an altar, a focus point which tells the story of the building in a simple yet intimate way. This would be part of the fabric of the building and emerge from within, exposing the intricate matrix of threads as if caught in the process of being woven.”, Patricia explains.

“The rupture in the concrete wall creates a gap from which concrete panels open outwards and fold, providing just enough space for the visitor to be surrounded by the artwork, inviting him to discover and connect with the heart of the building: its people.”

Materials play a key role in Patricia’s work. The concrete panels emerge from the walls in reception and ensure visual continuity throughout the space. The dark blue silk panels covering the inside of the fold, on the other hand, add contrast to the heaviness of the concrete, enabling the visitor to connect with an infinite space. The golden threads are the final and most important element and, shining against the dark background, they represent the 3000 hands that helped shape the building.